Virtual School/Fast Track Requirements

  • Existing student or establish residency in the YPS district.
  • Currently enrolled in grades 6-12.
  • Students will agree to a minimum of 25 hrs. weekly online work time.
  • Students will agree to display consistent progress in their course work.
  • K-5 students will be granted a transfer to Oklahoma K-12.
  • Oklahoma K-12 is the only option for YPS residents.

Guidelines for Yukon Virtual School/Fast Track


  • Any virtual student more than 10% behind will be suspended.
  • Failure to meet minimum requirements will result in truancy referral.
  • The first instance of failure to meet required time will result in suspension of privileges until a meeting with the counselor or administrator.
  • A second failure to meet requirements will result in dismissal from virtual school or truancy referral.
  • No student will be granted a transfer for outside virtual programs without first meeting with the administrator.  Transfers are only granted at administrator discretion in the case of extenuating circumstances.
  • Virtual students can begin at any time with the understanding that they may have to work to catch up with the virtual materials.
  • Accommodations will only be made in extenuating circumstances or in the case of an individual learning plan (IEP).
  • It is recommended that high school students begin at the semester
  • It is recommended that middle school students begin at the quarter
  • Fast track students that are more than 10% behind will have their account suspended until meeting with the administrator or counselor.   A second instance of falling more than 10% behind will result in dismissal from fast track and a failing grade for that course.
  • Four consecutive absences in the Fast Track class will result in truancy being filed and your account being suspended.
  • Final exams are to be taken at Yukon High School with the virtual counselor.
  • If a student is dismissed from virtual school they will not be allowed to reenroll.
  • The online curriculum is rigorous and demanding.
  • No AP course work offered at the 6-8 level
  • Some AP courses available in the 9-12 level
  • AP students will be given the required textbook.
  • Virtual classes can be taken as a supplemental to the student’s regular school day.
  • Athletes must have a 50/50 split of virtual classes and traditional classes in order to maintain eligibility.
  • Virtual students are entitled to access all resources that are available to traditional YPS students.