About Edgenuity

Yukon Virtual School uses Edgenuity (6th-12th) for online curriculum and instruction. A Yukon Public Schools teacher, administrator and counselor will monitor student progress and provide formative feedback throughout the year.

Logging into Edgenuity

Students will log in to Edgenuity through their Clever account. Students will log in to Clever and then scroll to the Edgenuity link. Once students click the link they should be automatically logged in to Edgenuity. If it does not log the student in automatically the student will enter the username and password provided by the virtual counselor. For help with usernames and passwords please contact the virtual school counselor or virtual@yukonps.com for assistance.

Registering for and Accessing Edgenuity Family Portal

To access your parent account the first time:

  • Go to Edgenuity Family Portal Login

  • Underneath the password box, click “Activate Account”

  • Enter your email address: {{Parent/Guardian Email}}

  • Enter the 4-digit code: {{Code}}

  • Then answer the questions. Be sure to scroll down to see all of them.

After your first login you will go to Edgenuity Family Portal Login and enter your username and password.

If you have not received your family portal access code please contact the assigned virtual counselor for your student's grade.

Blended Pathway at Yukon High School

This academic pathway is for high school students who need a combination of in-person and online educational options to support their academic learning path. Students at the high school level must apply and meet the qualifications for blended learning as grade level restrictions apply. Students approved to take classes via the blended learning setting will be using an online content management system (Edgenuity) in addition to their in-person classes at YHS. Blended learning pathway is only available to high school students who can provide transportation, have a qualifying GPA of 2.5, have a class schedule conflict and/or are in need of earning course credits outside the traditional school day in order to graduate. Applications are reviewed by the Virtual School Administrator team. Course selection restrictions do apply for freshmen and sophomores.

Credit Recovery Information

Credit recovery courses offer the ability to focus on mastery and allow students to bypass mastered content, through pre testing prior to each lesson. Credit recovery courses may only be requested for course(s) that a student has previously failed. Students requesting a credit recovery course should have a basic understanding of the content and skills.

NCAA: Yukon Virtual School's credit recovery courses are not approved courses for students who are pursuing NCAA collegiate sports opportunities. If you are pursuing NCAA eligibility speak with your counselor prior to completing this application. You can also contact the NCAA Eligibility Center, or admissions department at your college of choice for additional information regarding eligibility.

Enrollment in Credit Recovery is only open at the beginning of each semester.

Application deadlines for Credit Recovery are as follows:

  • Fall 2020 - Thursday, September 10

  • Spring 2021 - Monday, January 25

Students that are new to Yukon Public Schools will have 10 school days to enroll in Credit Recovery.

Explanation of Overall and Actual Grade

  • The Overall Grade is calculated based only on the activities completed by the student. This grade does not incorporate any penalties for work not completed based on course pacing. The Overall Grade tells the student/parent how the student has performed on assignments.

  • The Actual Grade is calculated based on the activities completed and current pacing. The Actual Grade is negatively impacted if the student is not on pace according to Edgenuity’s pacing guide for completing the first semester by December 18, 2020. The Actual Grade is intended to communicate to the student/parent the completion status of the course. Basically, how much work the student has done compared to how much should be completed. Eligibility for OSSAA activities is calculated based on the student's actual grade.

  • If the Overall and Actual Grades are the same (or at least very close), the student is on-track for successful completion of the course. If there is a significant difference between the two grades, this indicates the student could be behind pace and may not be able to complete the course by the end of the semester.

  • Please remember, the pacing deadlines are intended to provide a framework for completing assignments at a consistent rate throughout the semester. Students may turn in work at any time for full credit. However, failing to complete assignments for several days or weeks could lead to the student falling significantly behind pace for finishing the course.